What kinds of “next steps” would you like to see public broadcasting take in this area?

I see Open Content as part of our larger audience engagement efforts, in education, content.

(Marita Rivero, WGBH)

How can we best expand our efforts in Open Content? Do we need more discussions among public media professionals, Open Content practitioners in education and other areas, and philanthropists who might help us develop new models? Should we expand our existing education-based projects? Create pilot projects for general audiences? And what would you call “success” in Open Content?


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The conference made a big impression on me. Upon returning home, I began to think about how we could create an open content initiative locally. Coincidentally, we were in the very early stages of work on a documentary on the history of Miami. The open content concept gave me an idea about how we could bring other voices into the project. We subsequently met with representatives from a university digital collection, a museum and two governmental agencies to pitch the idea. Their buy-in was immediate. So we are now working on turning this idea into reality. Now all we ave to do is find some dollars.

Posted by Jack Kelly, WPBT on Friday January 26, 2007 · #