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Appendix B: List of Participants

Jon Abbott
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, WGBH Boston

Hal Abelson
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lauren Aguirre
Executive Editor, NOVA Online, WGBH Boston

Jon Alper
Director of Technology, R&D, WGBH Boston

Paula Apsell
Executive Producer, Nova, WGBH Boston

Pat Aufderheide
Professor and Director, Center for Social Media, School of Communication, American University

Lee Banville
Editor-in-Chief, Online NewsHour

Henry Becton
President, WGBH Boston

Marsha Bemko
Executive Producer, Antiques Roadshow, WGBH Boston

Yochai Benkler
Professor of Law, Yale Law School

David Bernstein
Vice President and General Manager, WGBH Enterprises, WGBH Boston

Denise Blumenthal
Director, Educational Productions, WGBH Boston

John Boland
Chief Content Officer, PBS

James Boyle
William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law, co-founder of the Center for the Study of the Public Domain, Duke Law School

Kristin Calhoun
Director, Projects & Operations, PBS Interactive

Marrie Campbell
Editorial Director, Frontline, WGBH Boston

Patricia Campbell
Vice President for Finance and Administration, WGBH Boston

Karen Cariani
Director, WGBH Media Library, WGBH Boston

Andy Carvin
Senior Product Manager, Online Communities, NPR Digital Media

Jessica Cashdan
Director of New Initiatives, Foundation Development, WGBH Boston

Lisa Cerqueira
Senior Publicist, Interactive Marketing, WGBH Boston

Kito Cetrulo
Director of Brand Management, Frontline, WGBH Boston

Michael Clark
Director of Technology Planning, Kentucky ETV

Andrew Cotlar
Associate General Counsel, Association of Public Television Stations

Luke Crafton
Multimedia Producer/Editor, Antiques Roadshow Online, WGBH Boston

Mimi Curran
Director of Project Finance and Development, WGBH Boston

Howard Cutler
Executive Producer, WGBH Interactive, WGBH Boston

Maria Daniels
Director of New Media, American Experience, WGBH Boston

Denise DiIanni
Executive in Charge, Boston Media Productions, and Founding Director, The WGBH Lab, WGBH Boston

Jack Dougherty
Vice President of Program Business Affairs, PBS

Margaret Drain
Vice President for National Programming, WGBH Boston

Jim Dunford
Series Manager, American Experience, WGBH Boston

Nancy Englander
Manager of Project Finance, WGBH Boston

Jay Fialkov
Deputy General Counsel, WGBH Boston

William W. Fisher III
Hale and Dorr Professor of Intellectual Property Law, and Director, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University

Mark Fuerst
Executive Director, Integrated Media Association

Paul Gerhardt
Project Director, Creative Archive, BBC

Dan Gillmor
Director, Center for Citizen Media

Larry Goldberg
Director, Media Access Group, WGBH Boston

Dennis Haarsager
Associate Vice President Educational & Public Media, Washington State University

Jamie Haines
Director of National Promotion, WGBH Boston

Christopher Hasler
Contracts Specialist, Legal and Business Affairs, WGBH Boston

Jeanne Hopkins
Vice President for Corporate Communications, WGBH Boston

Debra May Hughes
President, Public Interactive

Eli Ingraham
Director, WGBH Forum Network, WGBH Boston

Jennifer Jenkins
Director, Center for the Study of the Public Domain, Duke University

Dave Johnston
Senior Director, Content Applications and Technologies, PBS Interactive Learning

Jacquie Jones
Executive Director, National Black Programming Consortium

Lisa Jones
Manager, Project Development and Finance, WGBH Boston

Jackie Kain
Vice President, New Media, KCET Los Angeles

Sue Kantrowitz
Vice President and General Counsel, WGBH Boston

Mitch Kapor
Chair, Mozilla Foundation

Peter B. Kaufman
President and CEO, Intelligent Television

Henry Kelly
President, Federation of American Scientists

Jack Kelly
Vice President for Production, WPBT Miam

Paula Kerger
President, PBS

Evie Kintzer
Director of Strategic Planning and Special Projects, WGBH Boston

Danielle Klainberg
Director of Foundation Development, WGBH Boston

S. J. Klein

Ron LaRussa
Director, WGBH Interactive, WGBH Boston

Katherine Lauderdale
Senior Vice President and General Counsel, PBS

Scott Limanek
Production Assistant, National Productions, WGBH, Boston

Valerie Linson
Series Producer, Basic Black, Boston Media Productions, WGBH Boston

David Liroff
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, WGBH Boston

Clifford Lynch
Executive Director, Coalition for Networked Information

Robert Lyons
Director of New Media for Radio and Television, WGBH Boston

Roberta MacCarthy
Director of Marketing and Development, WGBH Boston

Anne Margulies
Executive Director, MIT OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michael Mayo
Research and Development, Educational Productions, WGBH, Boston

Sue Ellen McCann
Executive Producer, KQED San Francisco

Charles McEnerney
National Marketing and Promotion Manager, WGBH Boston

Mary McGrath
Executive Producer, Radio Open Source

Pam McKeta
Director, Digital Media, WETA Washington, D.C.

Susan Mottau
Coordinating Producer, American Experience, WGBH Boston

Josh Nathan
Vice President and General Counsel, WNET New York

Meredith Nierman
Assistant Program Manager for National Productions, WGBH Boston

Nike Okediji
Associate General Counsel, WGBH Boston

Tim Olson
Interactive Director, KQED San Francisco

Tim O'Shea
Project Lead, Digital Distribution Initiative, PRI

Scot Osterweil
Research Manager, Education Arcade, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lance Ozier
Vice President, National Program Marketing and Board Affairs, WGBH Boston

Louise Knapp Page
Manager of Project Financial Terms, WGBH Boston

John G. Palfrey, Jr.
Clinical Professor of Law and Executive Director, The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University.

Peter Pinch
Director of Technology, Content, WGBH Interactive, WGBH Boston

Allan Pizzato
Executive Director, Alabama Public Television

Rick Prelinger
Founder, Prelinger Archives

Christopher Pullman
Vice President for Branding and Visual Communications, WGBH Boston

Meredith Reece
Development Assistant, Foundation Development, WGBH Boston

Elspeth Revere
Vice President, General Program, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Marita Rivero
WGBH Vice President and General Manager for Radio and Television, WGBH Boston

Andrew Russell
Senior Vice President, Media Strategies, CPB

Sondra Russell
Senior Manager, Media Strategies, CPB

Eric Saltzman
Creative Commons

Mark Samels
Executive Producer, American Experience, WGBH Boston

Jake Shapiro
Executive Director, PRX (Public Radio Exchange)

Alison Smith
Associate Director, Research and Stock Sales, WGBH Media Library, WGBH Boston

Marshall Smith
Education Program Director, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Stephanie Stewart
Senior Producer, Boston Media Productions, WGBH Boston

Brigid Sullivan
Vice President for Children's Educational, and Interactive Programming, Media Access, WGBH Boston

Dan Thomas
Chief Operating Officer, TPT, Twin Cities Public Television

Maria Thomas
Vice President and General Manager, NPR Digital Media

Sharon Tiller
Senior Producer, Frontline, Series Executive Director, Frontline/World, WGBH Boston and KQED, San Francisco

Joseph Tovares
Executive Producer, La Plaza, WGBH, Boston

Devon Elyse Tutak
Research/Member Services Associate, Association of Public Television Stations

Annie Valva
Director, Research and Business Development, WGBH Interactive, WGBH Boston

Judith Vecchione
Executive Producer, National Productions, WGBH Boston

Benjamen Walker
Independent Producer, WGBH, NPR

Laura Walker
President and CEO, WNYC New York

Phoenix Wang
Education Program Officer, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Louis Wiley, Jr.
Executive Editor, Frontline, WGBH Boston

Darleen Wilson
Director of Content for Integrated Media, WGBH Boston

Curtis Wong
Principal Researcher and Group Manager, Microsoft Next Media Research

Anne Zeiser
Director, National Strategic Marketing Communications, WGBH Boston